Life Under Re-Construction!

Retired Afloat – Three Months On?

Well time really does fly when you’re having fun. We’ve been officially retired and travelling now for three months, so how do we feel things are going? Some of the questions we get asked are about homesickness, being together 24/7, the pressures of living out of a suitcase and the big one…regrets.

Well regrets is easy and the answer is – none. I’m having a wonderful time and Lea tells me she is too. We’ve only scratched a very small surface in what we would like and plan to do so it’s still full steam ahead for Retired Afloat.



Well for me the answer is no, Lea on the other hand has had a couple of cries but these have related to “puppy love”. When we see a cute dog and she has a pat, she gets a bit overcome because we had to rehouse our “boys” Lincoln and Ted before we left. Lea is consoled by the fact that they have assimilated into their new homes well and are very much loved by their new mums and dads.

Skype and WhatsApp have been fantastic for keeping in touch with family and friends and of course we catch up with what everyone is doing via Facebook.

Together 24/7

Living together basically 24/7 has been interesting. We haven’t had any arguments – yet – but certainly there has been a couple of times when we’ve been grumpy with each other.

We have a rule however where I have to give Lea a kiss when I bring the coffee to bed in the morning and she has to give me a kiss before the light is turned off at night. It’s hard to stay grumpy with a hot blonde when she’s kissing you.

If we do have an argument down the track, I know I have to make the first move in making up because a little known fact is that Elton John wrote the song “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” with Lea in mind, because I’ve learnt over the years that it’s not in her vocabulary.

I’ve learnt to accept the following philosophy.

 Living out of a suitcase

OK, now I struggle with this. When we started out we decided that we weren’t “tourists” we were “travellers”, but travelling sucks. Having to get to an airport early, long queues to check in, at immigration and customs, flight delays, dragging suitcases around, explaining to airport officials why you have a coffee machine in your carry on baggage, long flights, the price of a coffee at airports, yep travelling sucks. So, we’ve decided that we are now “Destinationists”, we like being at a destination but not so much the getting there.

If someone out there could invent a “Beam me up Scotty transporter machine”, it would be greatly appreciated.

The good news is we get to our new home soon, our boat “Sunshine Coast” so we will be a bit more settled and organised from there.