Our Travels 2019

We started the year in Cyprus catching up with friends from the year before and making new ones.

We did lots of walks, volunteered to walk dogs at the refuge and welcomed our UK “Mum & Dad” (Keith and Diane) when they visited.

The four of us visited the “occupied zone” or Turkish Cyprus and had a wonderful time.

2019 - Santiago, Chile to Durban, South Africa (Viking Sun)

In early February we flew from Cyprus to Santiago, Chile to board the beautiful Viking Sun for a two month voyage from Chile to South Africa.

We visited Robinson Crusoe Island, circumnavigated Easter Island (due to weather), Tahiti, Bora Bora and New Zealand before arriving in Sydney.  We left Sydney and visited Geelong, Adelaide, Albany and Fremantle before heading across the Indian Ocean to Mauritius, Madagascar and Mozambique before arriving in Durban South Africa.  Sensational.

2019 - South Africa

After an incredible two months aboard Viking Sun, we arrived in Durban, South Africa.  We said farewell to a wonderful collection of new friends, hired a car and took 10 days to drive the “Garden Route” from Elizabeth to Cape Town.

South Africa we learnt is an incredibly beautiful country.

2019 - Keukenhof, Netherlands

We flew from South Africa back to Antwerp to pick up the boat.  

While in Antwerp, we hired a car and drove into the Netherlands to visit Keukenhof, the famous home of the tulips.  What a day.  We took so many photos I think we ended up with RSI on our finger.  Stunning.

2019 - Cruising to Berlin

This cruising season, our plan was to cruise MV Sunshine Coast to Berlin, Germany.

To get to Berlin however, we had to cruise from Antwerp, across Belgium and into the Netherlands, down along the Meuse River and into Belgium again before entering France.  We cruised along the stunning Moselle river with vines flowing down the mountains on each side of the river down to the river banks.

We entered one loch in France, but when we came out of the loch, one side of the river was Luxemburg and the other side Germany.

Passing stunning scenery, we briefly entered the Rhine River before detouring into the Lahn River.

Back in the Rhine after a couple of weeks relaxing on the Lahn, we reached Cologne where we left the boat for our “visa run”.

2019 - Baltic Capitals Cruise - Balmoral

Our 2019 “visa run” was a cruise aboard the Fred Olsen ship Balmoral from Edinburgh visiting the Baltic Capitals and back to Edinburgh.  

Visiting Copenhagen, Tallin, St Petersburg, Stockholm, Visby and Oslo.

While in Oslo we met Thor Heyerdahl Jr who gave us a personal behind the scenes tour of the Kon Tiki Museum.

Back on the Sunshine Coast, we headed towards Berlin.

Reaching Berlin we received our very first visitors.

Warwick Potter, who I had joined the navy with back in 1976 visited with his partner, Vicki.  Just as they left, our son Scott came and stayed for a couple of weeks.

While in Berlin, we took the opportunity to take a train across the border to Poland to complete a parkrun there.

We cruised back along the Mitterland Canal and wintered the boat inside a shed at a yacht club in the small city of Meppen, Germany, close to the Dutch border, telling Sunshine Coast “see you in six months”.  Little did we know!

2019 - Western Mediterranean and French Riviera Cruise (Black Watch)

We flew back to Southampton where Geoff did an audition for Carnival UK and Cunard.  He was immediately offered cruises on each line.

We then did a pet-sit at Whitchurch before heading to Liverpool to join Black Watch for a cruise through the Western Mediterranean and French Riviera, visiting Gibraltar, Cartagena, Monaco, Cannes, Barcellona, Mallorca and Cadiz before heading back to Liverpool.

We spend a few days in Liverpool exploring the city and learning much about the Beatles.

We headed from Liverpool to Tewksbury where we pet-sit for Doves (our first time).

While in Tewksbury we met the wonderful Tewksbury Tearaways running group who welcomed us into their fold.

We toured the beautiful countryside before departing for Portugal.

2019 - Portugal

We flew from Gatwick to Lisbon and enjoyed the wonderful history and beauty of that city before heading by train to Porto.

Porto was once again truly beautiful with the highlight being the river cruise and also the food.

We had met Katie on a VIking cruise and she had invited us to visit her and partner Alan in Portugal so we spent a few days with this lovely couple at their beautiful home.

Then it was back to Lisbon to board the Viking Sky for a voyage from Lisbon to Miami.

2019 - Atlantic Crossing - Lisbon to Miami (Viking Sky)

We boarded Viking Sky for the transAtlantic crossing from Lisbon to Miami via Madeira.

It was wonderful to have great friends (our Colorado mum & dad), Kent and Jane Petersen, whom we had met on an earlier Viking cruise.

A fun cruise with Christmas at Sea.

When we reached Miami, we hired a car and went to Orlando to be able to complete a parkrun in the USA.  While there we ventured to NASA at Cape Canaveral which was another “bucket list” thing for us.

We flew out of Orlando, destination Hawaii.

We had been invited to spend New Years with friends Jim and Lynn whom we had met on a Viking Cruise.  We toured the island in Jim’s beautifully restored Kombi van, went to a concert and had a great time.

The highlight though was the engagement on New Years Eve of Karen and Dave who met aboard Viking Sun on the World Cruise.

Another incredible year!