The concept of pet-sitting is that instead of a pet owner having to go to the expense and anxiety of putting their beloved animals into a kennel, cattery, or some other temporary commercial accommodation while they go away, the pets stay in their own home maintaining their usual routines, normal diets, sleeping and exercise habits.  A pet-sitter comes into the home to be a live-in carer for the pets.  Evidence suggests that pets are happier in their home environment, experience less stress and minimise their exposure to illness.

We’ve been pet-sitting at various locations around the world for several years now and love it.  Due to our nomad lifestyle, we’re not able to have pets of our own, so pet-sitting allows us to get that “fix” of unconditional love that only animals can provide.

House and pet-sitters provide security for the home, and we also maintain gardens, lawns, pools etc.

We’ve made many enduring friendships through pet-sitting and it’s a great way to see places and immerse ourselves into communities that we wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to experience.

So far, we’ve cared for dogs, cats, chickens, cows, fish, horses, doves, a hamster, and an African tortoise named Rocky.

These days most of our house and pet-sitting assignments come from word of mouth, return visits and referrals, however, we still maintain a profile on the world’s largest house and pet-sitting website, Trusted Housesitters where we have over 20, five-star reviews.  

If you would like us to care for your pets and/or home while you take a break, please contact us for availability. And if you are interested in doing some pet-sitting yourself, you can use the following link to Trusted Housesitters for a 25% discount on membership: