Two lovers off to see the world!

An Introduction…

We’re Geoff & Leanne an average Australian couple that have made what many consider to be an extraordinary decision. Retire early, pack up, leave the security of normalcy and routine and depart our homeland with only a suitcase each and most importantly a positive, adventurous attitude.

We’ve purchased a boat in England, renamed her Sunshine Coast in honour of our former home and plan to spend the next several years cruising the rivers, canals and coastlines of Europe. When it gets too cold in Europe for two sun loving Aussies we will follow the warm weather’s rays and explore the world.

Enrichment… Living the dream lifestyle

Since our decision to retire so many people have told us “you’re brave” or wishfully stated that we’re “living the dream” but virtually anyone can do this.

Our goal is to take you along on this journey, educate, encourage and enrich people via this travel blog with the knowledge that a great lifestyle is out there once you’re able to break through the pre-conceived notions of what life is “supposed” to be like.

Why did we do it, how did we do it, can you do it too?

Of course you can!

Read on, come along on our adventures and see how you can enjoy the retired afloat lifestyle.


Ready for Adventures

For over 20 years’ home was the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, a one hour drive north of the state capital Brisbane. The “Sunny Coast” is a truly beautiful place and many people would say we were blessed to be able to live, work and play in this wonderful region and that we should be content with what we have.

But it’s a big, beautiful, interesting world out there folks, where opportunities abound if you’re open to them and willing to accept a challenge. Remember you’re a long time dead!

And Possibilities…

Since making the decision to “retire” several opportunities and “Bucket List” adventures have presented themselves from virtually nowhere. For example, Lea and I have just spent four weeks on a luxury cruise ship where I conducted special interest presentations to passengers visiting seven countries throughout Asia. Furthermore, in July we will be accredited volunteers at Wimbledon, in August VIP guests of Events Scotland at the last night of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and working at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Queensland in 2018.

Meet the Retired Afloat Team…

No Adventure is Too Great!

GEOFF PETERSRetired Afloat
Geoff is a passionate traveler and acclaimed story-teller with more than 20 countries and tens of thousands of nautical miles under his belt. A successful business career as a tourism operator and work supporting tourism within government, makes him a perfect fit for speaking engagements aboard cruise ships, for travel and tourism organisations, governments or corporations looking for a balance of information, excitement, humor and education – “infotainment” if you will.
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After a 12-year career in the Australian Army, Leanne worked in finance, the Queensland Fire Service, a consultant, social media commentator and most recently as a mature aged model. She loves to travel but packs way too much, she loves to keep fit and while she will never bungy jump, she is the adventurous one when it comes to food. Diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2008, Leanne will keep you informed about how to travel on a gluten free diet.

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