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4 days ago

Retired Afloat

Well, that was one of our biggest walking days ever.

It was a beautiful day so we decided to walk over to the village of Letymbou for lunch. We didn't want to use the roads so looking at Google Earth we found a route using local tracks and trails. Google said it was just over 8km so we set off at 10.30am.

Our first obstacle was a stream. I was able to jump across using some rocks, but Lea being much less co-ordinated, slipped and one foot got drenched.

We came across another wider, deeper stream with a strong current. We explored along the banks until we found somewhere we thought we might be able to cross.

I made it across but while we were passing the backpack it fell into the water. I had to race along the muddy bank at full pelt trying to catch it as it was swept downstream. Eventually, after wading out into the stream, I was able to retrieve it, the problem being that our phone got wet and is now kaput.

The countryside was absolutely beautiful and we passed through an old deserted Turkish village that was abandoned in 1974 because of the civil war.

We eventually arrived at Letymbou and had a wonderful lunch at the Vineyard Taverna and then decided to walk back along the road.

We arrived home, just on sunset after having walked 22kms. If anyone has a smartphone they no longer need...
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Wish I had a video of that

What exciting days you have, we will stick to our walks in the conservation park and risk the snakes. I may have lasted the first 3 km. Lee makes it look warm and looks very glamorous. Good photos. Also liked your dog walk photos. I wonder if they do the volunteer walks here, i would probably bring them home though. Sad about your phone, glad it wasn’t your ipad


So glad you got home safely, and so nice to meet you both. See you on Thursday night for the quiz. Julie.😃

I recommend you download Galileo Offline Maps. See the photo, it provides very detailed maps including walking tracks. It’s free and much more accurate than Google Maps.

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6 days ago

Retired Afloat

This morning we got up early and drove down to 4 Paws Animal Refuge to volunteer to take some of the residents for a walk.

We met Petra, Bean, Charlie, Ziggi, Ellie and Boswell and every man and his dog had a fabulous time. Looking forward to doing it again.
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You know what Charlies are like Pam Trkulja, big, slobbering, dopey looking things that guzzle their drinks and want to mount everything. At least this one didn't have fleas.

You softies! What a lovely thing to do xx

Next time you’re planning a visit can you let me know? I’d love to dog walk!

Aww you guys! Love you to bits xx

What a wonderful thing to do.

So good of you both 💜💜 Hope ‘Charlie’ behaved!!

How lovely of both of you x those puppies would have enjoyed their walk

What a great thing to do.

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1 week ago

Retired Afloat

We've had some very ordinary weather over the last few weeks (including a sprinkle of snow last night), so it was great to be about to get out for a walk today.

We had 10 walkers join us for the "Aussie Challenge" a challenging walk down, into the Amargeti Valley, followed by a wine tasting at our local winery, and a quick hello to our favourite donkeys before lunch.

Very enjoyable day.
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Sounds like a good day.


3 weeks ago

Retired Afloat

Walking Cyprus

Over the last few weeks we've enjoyed some marvellous walks here in Cyprus. The countryside is beautiful even if the hills and valleys are challenging. We've seen some beautiful sights, met and reconnected with some wonderful people.

Yesterday we set out to find Letymbou Taverna but managed to get lost along the way. The beautiful countryside and friendly locals still made it an enjoyable experience. We could have accepted a lift 3 times! We politely declined as the walk was so enjoyable.
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We have fond memories of Letymbou tavern. Friday nights there are great events.

Wonderful pictures as usual. Thank you. Catch up next year.

Please don’t get lost! I’m coming to see you later this year 😳😉😘😘

3 weeks ago

Retired Afloat

Merry Christmas to you all and and a fun filled new year. ... See MoreSee Less

Merry Christmas to you all and and a fun filled new year.


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Merry Xmas to you both. miss you. Cheers! xxxx

Merry Christmas to you both hope to catch up in the new

Merry Christmas!

Hope you have a very merry Christmas. See you in the New Year, in Cyprus, get the weather warmed up!! Keith & Diane.

Merry christmas you to. I was going to say have a wonderful time but i can see by your photos you always are xxxx

And to you both x

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