Penang – The Benchmark for Expats!

Penang - The Benchmark For Expats Living Abroad Don't let Lea near the Nuclear Launch Codes! Well we’ve arrived in Penang, an island just off the North-western coast of Malaysia with a population of almost 2 million people, for the first chapter in our new adventure. We had arranged accommodation through Airbnb and were very keen to get to the apartment. We had been scheduled for a four hour layover in Kuala Lumpur, but the flight had been

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Travelling with Coeliac

Travelling With Coeliac By Leanne   My husband and I have made the decision to travel for an extended period with no timeline on when we will return to normal domestic existence. We’ve purchased a boat in England and plan to spend the next several years cruising the rivers, canals and coastlines of Europe. When it gets too cold in Europe we will “hibernate” our boat, tuck her into a marina somewhere and follow the sun. No doubt

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Life Under Re-Construction

Life Under Re-Construction! Retired Afloat - Three Months On? Well time really does fly when you’re having fun. We’ve been officially retired and travelling now for three months, so how do we feel things are going? Some of the questions we get asked are about homesickness, being together 24/7, the pressures of living out of a suitcase and the big one…regrets. Well regrets is easy and the answer is - none. I’m having a wonderful time and Lea

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Da Nang – Vietnam’s Next Big Thing?

Da Nang - Vietnam's Next Big Thing? Someone thinks so! Judging by the amount of construction taking place along the beachfront between the famous China Beach and the wonderful UNESCO World Heritage listed city of Hoi An, someone certainly thinks Da Nang has a very big future. Mile after kilometre of brand new five star resorts, spas, tennis centres and some wonderful looking golf courses catering to the affluent traveler are currently being built by some of the

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Bravery by Inches

Bravery by Inches By Leanne “Be brave, think about it for 5 minutes longer, the decision you make then, could change your life”. It might surprise some people who know me, but I’m really an introvert. I’ve attended hundreds of networking and social functions supporting Geoff over the years, but still find it somewhat confronting initiating a conversation with a total stranger. I liken it to jumping into a cold pool. I really want to get in,

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Boracay in a Day

Boracay in a Day! Fun in the Sun - Philippines Style We’ve arrived at the Philippines’ island of Boracay aboard the cruise ship Celebrity Constellation for a one day visit, so what can you do in a day? We’d looked at the website Tourism Boracay to get some clues and were a bit taken aback with some of the extravagant claims. Butterfly shaped island? Not any butterfly I’ve ever encountered, talcum fine beach, well no, and the

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Changes and Challenges

Changes and Challenges Accepting the never-ending challenge of aging and celebrating the never-ending opportunities. As we "mature" Old Father Time’s clock seems to tick faster and faster. We all know that we only have a finite amount of time available to us and we all know, or know of people that have succumbed to illness or accidents well before their time was due. Lea and I are determined to make the most of that most precious commodity -

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Why Retire Afloat?

Why Retire Afloat? We love the water, either being on it, in it or beside it. In 2004 friends purchased a large power catamaran and invited us to spend a month cruising the coastline of the Ionian Sea (Greece) with them. This led to owning a boat in a charter fleet in the Whitsunday Island and then operating our own charter company. In 2012 we “exchanged” boating holidays with another couple. They took one of our boats in

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